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Director    Jamie McKernan

I launched the business while still at school because people saw the films I made for fun and asked me to make more - professionally.

My ambition is to think of new ways to use video and editing to tell stories creatively - be it through scriptwriting or special effects.
I also specialise in video editing. I am the assistant editor for the DLSRGuide YouTube Channel with over 800,000 subscribers.


Director   Anthony McKernan

My first career was Social Research, so I have a love for making films that tell compelling stories about real people.

My second career was Marketing & Fundraising, so I love powerful communications that galvanise people.

With Jamie, I've found a collaborator whose highly-organised workflow and skilled editing brings efficient execution to deliver great little films.



Photographer. Script Writer. Illustrator. Producer. Drone Pilot. Studio hire. We often collaborate with professionals to bring you the best film we can. 


Why Us?

Errm... we're still developing our 'creative style' to be honest. And you'd expect us to be diligent, professional and efficient.

We seem to be particularly good at understanding your 'why', your driving purpose. And we are pretty nimble, able to plan, deploy, edit and produce films within weeks rather than months.  And we live up to our name.